On February 18, the provisions of the Act on promoting electricity generation in offshore wind farms entered into force. The solutions it introduces meet the need to rapidly increase the share of renewable energy sources in the national energy mix. As Rafał Gawin, President of the ERO, points out, the regulations of this act are of key importance in the context of our country’s obligations to implement ambitious climate goals, both European and those indicated in the Polish Energy Policy until 2040.

From now until March 31, investors can apply for the right to cover the negative balance for electricity in offshore wind farms. In the first phase of the system, support will be granted by way of an administrative decision issued by the President of ERO and it may cover offshore wind farms with a total installed capacity of up to 5.9 GW. Applications will be considered by June 30 this year.

The funds to cover the negative balance will come from the RES fee, which has been operating since 2016, and is collected by energy distributors. The President of the ERO will also calculate the costs of support for offshore wind energy in the RES fee. This year, the fee is PLN 2.20 / MWh.

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