Renewable Energy Association is a non-governmental organization promoting and supporting development of renewable energy sources. We create a space for discussion, provide expertise and convince that the energy production does not have to be in conflict with the state of the environment.

Renewable Energy Association provides a discussion focal point for the renewable energy industry companies, as well as for these entities and the state administration. Our organization builds awareness in the field of ecology and renewable energy by initiating and implementing various educational campaigns and by supporting all the initiatives, that are related to our organization statute.

Our goal is to remove barriers to efficient and sustainable development in the field of renewable energy sources and water management in Poland. The Association provides a platform for economic and legislative activities related to renewable energy sources. Positions adopted by our organization as well as proposals for legislative solutions are a contribution to an expertise consultancy led in cooperation with relevant central and local administration authorities.


Włodzimierz Ehrenhalt – Vice President
Andrzej Konarowski – Vice President
Marek Rojewski – Vice President
Krzysztof Tyszkiewicz – Vice President
Łukasz Zagórski – Vice President