By 2030, PSE is to allocate PLN 4.5 billion for the construction or modernization of its infrastructure in the province. Pomeranian Voivodeship to adapt the onshore transmission network to offshore wind farms. The total length of lines to be created in Pomerania is approx. 250 km, and 200 km of already built lines will be modernized. According to PSE, individual grid investments will be delivered in the years 2025–2028.

In terms of preparatory work, studies have been successfully carried out so far and the locations of two stations and the proposed routes for four new lines have been selected. At this point, public consultations are conducted with local authorities and residents of the areas covered by the investments, and a natural inventory is carried out, which is necessary to assess the impact of projects on the environment.

PSE plans to start tenders for construction and assembly works as early as next year, while the first investor deliveries are to take place in 2023. design and study works, social communication and obtaining the necessary decisions and permits – the contractor is primarily responsible for the construction.

In 2022, procurement procedures for the onshore works of the Baltica 2 and Baltica 3 farms (projects by PGE and Ørsted groups) will be announced. The selection of the supplier of the onshore power station for the OWF Bałtyk II and OWF Bałtyk II farms (Polenergia and Equinor) and the commencement of construction works related to the station and the line will take place in the third quarter of 2023. Farm BC-Wind Polska (Ocean Winds) will see the selection of suppliers and contractors for transmission networks in Q3 2024.

In the case of the MFW Baltic II (RWE) farm, the tendering and contract schedule has been reserved as a business secret. Nevertheless, it was indicated that the procedure related to the turbines started with the conclusion of the contract by mid-2022. The remaining tendering procedures are ongoing or are under preparation. The situation is similar with the Baltic Power farm (PKN Orlen / Northland Power). In this case, however, it was announced that the procurement process for the onshore power evacuation section began at the end of September this year, and non-binding offers will be accepted by mid-November.

Information on the planned schedules of offshore wind farm investors can be found in the “Material and Service Supply Chain Plans”, a document that has already been submitted to the ERO.

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