According to the agenda of the Council of Ministers, at the next meeting, the government will consider a project that is to facilitate the acquisition of forest land, among others for energy or electromobility investments. The aim of the project is to solve the problems related to obtaining land for investments related to supporting the development and implementation of projects related to energy, electromobility or transport, which are used to disseminate new technologies and improve air quality.

Due to the special nature of the land to be changed, the draft provides for mechanisms aimed at limiting the possibility of changing forests, land and other State Treasury real estate in cases where it is necessary to provide locations for specific investments.

According to the proposal, land changes would be carried out by the director general of the State Forests at the request of the minister responsible for the environment in consultation with the minister responsible for climate and the minister responsible for economy. In addition, this type of application would also be reviewed by the parliamentary committee responsible for forestry and forest management.

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