The Council of Ministers adopted a bill, thanks to which, in 2022, the government will compensate municipalities for income that they lost in 2018 by changing the scope of taxation of wind farms.

PLN 524.43 million will be allocated to compensations. In order to receive it, the commune will have to submit an application constituting an appendix to the act. The applications will be considered by the voivode competent for the given commune. After issuing the decision and determining the amount of the compensation, the voivode will transfer it to the indicated bank account of the commune. The minister responsible for climate matters will be the appellate body against the voivode’s decision.

According to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal, compensation will be granted to municipalities that lost income in the form of property tax paid on wind farms in 2018 as a result of the change in regulations. The compensation will apply to about 200 municipalities where wind farms are located. The new regulations are to enter into force on February 5, 2022.

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