He appeared in the list of legislative and program works of the Council of Ministers Draft act amending the act – Code of Commercial Companies and some other acts. According to the justification, the aim of the project is to adapt the Polish legal system in the field of commercial companies to the dynamically changing economic reality. The planned date of adoption of the draft by the Council of Ministers is the fourth quarter of this year.

The draft act consists of two main parts:

  • The first concerns the introduction of the so-called holding law (group law, group law) which – in the broader doctrinal meaning – regulates private and legal relations between the parent company and its subsidiaries, taking into account the interests of creditors, members of governing bodies and small partners (shareholders), especially of the subsidiary.
  • The second part, however, focuses on increasing the effectiveness of supervision carried out by supervisory boards of capital companies. In addition, a set of regulations can be distinguished, in general terms aimed at improving the effectiveness of the functioning of companies and organizing some of the regulations of the Commercial Companies Code, which have been difficult to interpret for years.

Draft of the act