The President of the Energy Regulatory Office published a list of energy-intensive sectors and subsectors, to which he granted compensation for 2020. They are granted in connection with the transfer of the costs of purchasing greenhouse gas emission allowances to the prices of electricity used to manufacture products in energy-intensive sectors. 76 companies applied for compensation. Support was granted to 70 of them for a total amount of over PLN 815.5 million.

Almost PLN 288.6 million was received by enterprises operating in the heavy industry: producers of iron, steel and iron alloys. The next sectors with the greatest support were those dealing with the production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, other basic inorganic chemicals, and paper and cardboard. These four energy-intensive sub-sectors were awarded over PLN 600 million in compensation, i.e. more than 75% of all funds.

The list of all entities to which the President of ERO granted compensation for 2019 and 2020 is available in the Public Aid Data Disclosure System operated by UOKiK (aid measure number: SA.53850 (2019/N)).

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