On November 2, the Council of Ministers adopted a resolution on the adoption of the “Polish hydrogen strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2040”. It is a strategic document that defines the main goals of the development of the hydrogen economy in Poland and the directions of actions needed to achieve them. It is part of global, European and national efforts to build a low-carbon economy.

The goal of the strategy is to create the Polish branch of the hydrogen economy and its development in order to achieve climate neutrality and maintain the competitiveness of the Polish economy. According to the document, programs to support the construction of a hydrogen economy will be developed, but this aid will cover only low-emission hydrogen, i.e. hydrogen from renewable sources and hydrogen produced with the use of non-emission technologies. Only those who use carbon dioxide capture technology (eg CCS / CCU) will support the production of hydrogen from fossil fuels.

The strategy will first be published in Monitor Polski, and then on the website concerning the hydrogen economy.

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