The Ministry of Climate has proposed to change the rules for billing energy consumers who install photovoltaics in their homes. According to the draft amendment to the Energy Law, the discount system will disappear from next year.

In order to maintain the right to settle according to the current rules, prosumers should install and start up such an installation by December 31 this year. Currently, the recipient of energy obtained thanks to photovoltaics can settle accounts with the energy supplier by means of barter. 80% of the electricity it supplies to the grid when there is less demand for it (e.g. in the morning), can be picked up free of charge at other times (e.g. in the evening).

The draft amendment to the RES Act assumes that anyone who starts up their photovoltaic installation after January 1, 2022, will only be able to sell surplus energy. This means that the price at which the largest electricity sellers will have to buy their electricity during the day will be much lower than the price at which they will be selling electricity in the evening.

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