The draft act amending the Act – Energy Law and certain other acts (list UC 17) has already been approved by the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers and is currently at the stage of proceedings by the Legal Committee – according to information provided by the Department of Electricity at the Ministry of Climate and Environment .
The project in question includes the following areas:
  1. The draft introduces the definition of a Nominated Electricity Market Operator (NEMO), gives the regulator the power to establish the rules for the allocation of voting rights by NEMOs and the division of these rights within the meaning of Art. 9 paragraph 2 paragraph 4 of the CACM Regulation, additionally grants the regulator the right to request from NEMO to provide information or documents regarding the activities of the designated electricity market operator.
  2. The draft creates a legal basis for the so-called recuperation of electric energy returned to the overhead contact line as a result of vehicle braking. The solutions proposed in the draft act will cover railway vehicles (including metro), trams and trolleybuses.
  3. The draft introduces provisions establishing the obligation for the storage system operator to prepare operation and operation instructions for the storage installation and to consult it with system users and submit it for approval to the President of the ERO, similar to the current obligation to prepare network operation and operation instructions, both by the distribution system operator and transmission system.
  4. The draft introduces the legal basis for the operation of closed distribution systems. Pursuant to the draft act, the President of the ERO may recognize industrial plants, shopping centers and shared service centers as a closed distribution system if they meet the conditions set out in the above-mentioned article. However, the proposed provision excludes the possibility of granting the closed system status to housing cooperatives and developers. At the same time, it is possible to grant it to entities with company estates inhabited by employees and retired employees of a given entity.
  5. The draft introduces comprehensive regulations regarding the operation of electricity storage.