First reading of the amendment of the distance act

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On January 26, 2023 (Thursday), a joint meeting of the Parliamentary Committees for Energy, Climate and State Assets and the Committee for Local Government and Regional Policy was held, during which the government draft act amending the act on investments in wind farms and certain other set (form no. 2938) with amendments.

As part of the amendments adopted by the joint committees, the minimum distance of 500 meters in the draft art. 4 sec. 1 with a distance of 700 meters and consequently the minimum distance provisions for the rest of the project were modified.

Moreover, an amendment providing for the deletion of the draft Art. 6g, according to which an investor planning to invest in a wind power plant could undertake to incur part of the costs related to the preparation or amendment of planning documents.

A transitional provision has also been introduced, according to which the provisions on social participation (the possibility of taking up shares in the installed capacity of a wind farm) will not apply to investments for which building permits were issued before July 2, 2024.

Detailed amendments that have been made to the draft will be known after the report of today’s committee meeting is published. It’s supposed to be tomorrow at the earliest. The second reading of the draft, according to information obtained from the Committee on Energy, Climate and State Assets, will take place at the plenary session on 7-9 February.

Retransmission of the meeting

Sejm print no 2938