As reported by the Energy Market Agency, the cumulative power of photovoltaic power plants in Poland has increased by 344.4 MW since July and amounted to 5,970.8 MW at the end of August. This means that currently the total photovoltaic power in our country exceeds 6 GW.

In the total installed capacity in the national renewable energy sector, the share of photovoltaics at the end of August increased to 40% and amounted to 14,722.4 MW. This result was surpassed only by wind energy, the installed capacity of which increased to 6,702.3 MW.

In the case of participation in the production of electricity, photovoltaics had a much smaller share. In August, photovoltaic power plants introduced 459.9 GWh of electricity into the grid, which gives only 3.17% of the share of PV in energy generation in the national power system.

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