The Energy Regulatory Office has published an errata to the Electricity Consumer’s Rights Set The guide contains practical information on both the rights of consumers as well as the functioning of the market and the sale and supply of electricity.

ERO would like to draw the attention of consumers to the following issues:

  • Reserve sale – secure termination of the contract in the event of loss of the current seller. The reserve seller is to ensure continuity of electricity supply to customers in the event that the current energy seller ceases selling, e.g. due to the liquidation or bankruptcy of the enterprise. The distributor concludes a contract with the reserve seller on behalf of and for the benefit of the consumer, on the basis of which the sale will be carried out, about which the consumer should be informed by the distributor.
  • Cogeneration fee – from 2019 a new item has appeared on the electricity invoices – cogeneration fee. This is the result of the Act on the promotion of electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration of December 2018. The cogeneration fee is added to the charges for distribution (transmission) of electricity and applies for each tariff. In this way, all energy consumers support a more efficient way of producing energy and heat. The cogeneration fee is expressed in PLN / MWh, and its amount depends on electricity consumption.
  • Discounts for non-compliance by entrepreneurs with quality standards of customer service and quality parameters of electricity – the new provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Energy of March 6, 2019 on detailed rules for shaping and calculating tariffs and settlements in electricity trading imposed an obligation on energy companies to grant customers discounts failure to meet service quality standards and electricity quality parameters within 30 days of:

1. On the last day when the quality standards of customer service were not met,

2. The date of receipt of the consumer’s application for a discount for failure to meet the quality parameters of electricity, excluding failure to meet the quality parameters of electricity determining the permissible times of interruption in the supply of electricity,

3. The date of receipt of the recipient’s application for a discount for exceeding the permissible times of interruptions in the supply of electricity specified in separate regulations or contracts, for customers connected to the network with a rated voltage not higher than 1 kV,

4. On the day of receipt of the application referred to in point 3, for recipients other than the recipient who submitted the application, powered from the same place of delivery as the recipient who submitted the application, for which it was also confirmed that the breaks in the supply of electricity were exceeded.

The set of listed rights is systematically supplemented and updated. It is to reflect applicable regulations as well as the current situation on the electricity market.

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