Wysokienapiecie.pl: The government reaches deeper for money from the sale of green energy

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According to the website Wysokienapiecie.pl, the self-amendment to the government’s draft amendment to the energy law introduces a new method of calculating the amounts that producers of green energy will pay for its sale. The regulations introduced last autumn are aimed at limiting excessive profits from the sale of electricity and transferring, through the Price Difference Payment Fund, the reduction of energy prices for consumers as compensation. This was to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis. Excluded are producers in installations up to 1 MW, where one producer can have up to three such units, demonstration projects, biogas plants and energy sold in auction contracts.

The system of guarantees of origin is of great importance for the measurement and reporting by energy consumers, and in particular by the industry, of the share of renewable energy in the volume of electricity consumed. Unfortunately, this system ceases to exist before our eyes. Producers will not sell or will not apply for a guarantee of origin at all, because it is no longer profitable for them. In addition to the paralysis of the guarantee of origin system, which is the only document certifying the origin of a given volume of energy from RES, there will also be a paralysis of the compensation system for energy-intensive entities, which is largely based on the obligation for these entities to purchase and redeem guarantees, assesses the Association of Renewable Energy.