As Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Ireneusz Zyska informed, on September 15 a sector agreement for the development of offshore wind energy will be signed, covering over 150 entities from Poland and abroad, represented by several hundred people.

During the Vision for Development Forum in Gdynia, the Deputy Minister declared that a report on the so-called good practices for the development of the sector, and the entire sector agreement will be modeled on the British “Sector Deal” model. The agreement will include specific conditions for obtaining the highest possible local content, which is understood as the degree of participation of the domestic supply chain in offshore projects.

Mariusz Witoński, president of the Polish Maritime Wind Energy Society, announced that the level of local content for the first phase of the implementation of offshore wind farm projects will be 25-35%, for the second phase, but limited by the caesura in 2030, 45%, and the threshold of 50% will exceed the 2030. Deputy Minister of State Assets – Zbigniew Gryglas – announced that preparations for contracting, inter alia, components, services are already started by companies involved in the first offshore projects. The only concern, he added, was infrastructure readiness. The place for the installation terminal from which the complex turbines will be shipped must be in Poland and be ready before investors start the process. The deputy minister assured that the government would do everything to make this happen, and the National Reconstruction Plan secured large funds in the amount of EUR 430 million for service ports and the installation terminal, which is to be built in Gdynia.

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