On March 14, a workshop organized by the Settlement Manager on the implementation of a write-off to the Fund was held.

In addition to the detailed issues concerning the technical aspects of the fulfillment of reporting obligations, information on the inclusion of sales revenues and purchase costs of guarantees of origin was presented.

According to the latest information, the Ministry of Climate and Environment does not intend to issue a new regulation on the method of calculating the price limit in order to address the problem of the inability to take into account the costs of purchasing guarantees of origin by trading companies. Instead, the ministry intends to present a written recommendation to take the above into account on the basis of the currently applicable provisions of the regulation, so that it would be possible without the need to issue a new implementing act.

At the same time, as we informed earlier, starting from March 1 this year, amendments to the Act on emergency measures aimed at limiting electricity prices and support for certain recipients in 2023 entered into force, according to which revenues from the sale of guarantees of origin are to be taken into account by generators when calculating the contribution to the Fund. The above, taking into account the current price limits for RES producers, in practice means that from this month the entire income from the sale of guarantees of origin by producers will have to be transferred to write-offs. At the same time, according to information from the Energy Regulatory Office, even if a given producer would delay the sale of guarantees until next year, he will be obliged to submit a correction of the report and settle these revenues within the period in which the energy for which guarantees of origin were issued was generated. Therefore, it is of key importance to link a given guarantee of origin with the volume of electricity generated and the moment of its generation.

At the same time, if a given volume of generated energy is not subject to a write-down because it is settled under the auction system, the related guarantees of origin will also not be subject to a write-down.