The parliaments of the Małopolskie, Śląskie, Opolskie, Mazowieckie and Łódzkie voivodships have already passed anti-smog regulations introducing restrictions or prohibitions regarding the operation of boilers, stoves and fireplaces. It is worth taking a look at these regulations and considering what sanctions are threatening those who will not respect them.

Soon it will be two years since the entry into force of the anti-smog bill (see the anti-smog bill: to improve air quality), which changed, inter alia, the wording of art. 96 of the Act – Environmental Protection Law (hereinafter “p.o.ś.”), thus eliminating formal obstacles to the application of this provision. Art. 96 p.o.ś. authorizes the voivodship parliaments to adopt resolutions introducing restrictions or prohibitions on the operation of installations in which fuels are burned, and thus anti-smog resolutions. Since the amendment, several voivodships have already adopted resolutions aimed at counteracting the problem of low emissions.

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