In the list of legislative and program works of the Council of Ministers, yesterday, i.e. on December 6, 2022, an entry was published regarding the Draft regulation of the Council of Ministers amending the regulation on the method of calculating the price limit.

According to the published information, the proposed changes concern the change of cost components used to calculate the price limit for producers using lignite as fuel, changes in the formula for calculating the price limit of selected RES producers, adding to the list of price components the costs of purchase and redemption of certificates of origin, clarifications regarding the price of energy electricity used to calculate the price limit of energy companies conducting business activity in the field of electricity trading, clarifications in the scope of contracts concluded between the RES producer and the end user, including financial instruments, and the introduction of editorial corrections.

The draft regulation has not yet been officially published, its detailed assumptions are not known.

According to the information published, the draft is to be adopted at a meeting of the Council of Ministers this year. The agenda of the next Council of Ministers meeting is not yet known.

Draft in list of CM works