As stated in the ordinance, the Minister of Climate decided to appoint a team for the development of carbon dioxide capture, storage and use technologies, which will include representatives of the Ministry of Climate, State Assets, Development and Technology, as well as representatives of PGE GiEK, ENEA, PKN Orlen, PGNiG, Tauron. The tasks of the team will include:

> implementation of works resulting from the social contract concerning the transformation of the stone mining sector and selected transformation processes in the Śląskie Voivodeship, especially in terms of minimizing the negative economic effects and strengthening the balance of the energy system;
> preparation of an analysis and verification of the results of previously carried out activities related to CO2 sources in Poland, taking into account centrally controlled generation units, powered by fossil fuels such as natural gas, hard coal and lignite, for which the construction of CO2 capture installations would be understandable;
> analysis and verification of potential CO2 storage locations in Poland;
> development of an analysis including possible models of financing of preliminary feasibility studies for CCS / U installations or verification of already completed projects of this type;
> development of an analysis aimed at determining the mode of work and the proposed entity responsible for the selection of routes and the construction of CO2 transport pipelines, together with the accompanying transmission infrastructure.

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