The Polish Electricity Committee, which associates state-owned energy companies, called for the release of electricity prices for households. According to his assurances, the end of tariff approval by the Energy Regulatory Office does not have to mean an increase in prices for customers from the G tariff group.

The PKEE refers to analyzes according to which it is possible to carry out the process of freeing energy tariffs for households in such a way as not to lead to “unjustified” increases in electricity prices for this group of end consumers of electricity. The data from the analysis are to indicate that the lack of measures to abolish the tariff model in force in Poland will contribute to the deepening of the problem of energy poverty, including due to rising gas, coal and heating prices.

As PKEE emphasizes, when it comes to electricity prices for households, the tariffing currently used on the Polish energy market limits the competitiveness of offers on the energy market. According to the committee, the departure from tariffing is favored by the popularization of distributed energy or the implementation of smart metering, and the said change could increase interest in energy production in micro-installations and increase the number of prosumers.

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