On Thursday, a draft resolution of the Council of Ministers on the adoption of a spatial development plan for internal sea waters, the territorial sea and the exclusive economic zone was published. The draft was released from consideration by the Legal Committee and referred for consideration by the Council of Ministers.

The justification emphasized that the creation of the plan resulted from the need to secure maritime space for activities such as: development of the maritime economy potential based on a network of seaports, ensuring the development and safety of navigation, industrial and energy use of sea resources (offshore wind energy, marine mining, fishing cutters or nuclear energy) and the sustainable and sustainable development of coastal and maritime tourism.

The decisions contained in the draft contain information on the basic function of a given body of water and other functions permitted therein, public purpose investments, including their location, conditions of defense and security of the state or arrangements binding on voivodship self-governments.

Seven areas are dedicated to the production of renewable energy, including wind energy. Out of seventeen, structures for prospecting, exploration of deposits and extraction of hydrocarbons are allowed. The five reservoirs are to be defensive and to ensure the security of the state – they are sea training grounds, which are zones closed to fishing and shipping. Six has a basic function, which is to protect the environment and nature. They include, among others sea ​​areas of the Wolin and Słowiński National Parks or the areas of Ławica Odrzana and Ławica Słupska.

RCL draft regulation

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