Amendment to the RES Act supplemented with regulations on cable pooling

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As previously announced by representatives of the Ministry of Climate, amendments regarding the cable pooling mechanism have been submitted to the Act amending the Act on Renewable Energy Sources and Certain Other Acts currently being processed in the Senate (Senate Paper No. 1032).


The amendments were submitted by Wojciech Piecha, Senator of the PiS club, and were supported by joint Senate committees. They are available in Senate paper no. 1032Z.


All amendments to the bill in question will be voted on today at the plenary session of the Senate.

Consideration of the Senate’s amendments by the Sejm was originally foreseen as part of the agenda of today’s plenary session of the Sejm. However, according to the information obtained, the Senate will not be able to submit the relevant resolution with the mentioned amendments to the Sejm, and thus this point has been removed from today’s agenda of the Sejm. The next plenary session of the Sejm will be held on 16-17 August this year.