The Ministry of Development and Technology wants to implement the facilitation in the construction of direct lines, including them in the package of acts aimed at mitigating the increase in energy costs in enterprises. The Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda, assured that the direct line solutions developed by the ministry may allow for the generation of savings for industrial recipients directly supplied with renewable energy in the amount of up to PLN 3.34 billion per year.

The Ministry of Development and Technology assumes that the value of new investments in renewable energy as a result of the introduction of a direct line – only in the case of new projects prepared for direct lines for industrial recipients and new investments within the PSI (Polish Investment Zone) – may amount to approximately PLN 37 billion.

The department of development emphasizes that the construction of direct lines is primarily to contribute to the development of the distributed energy model, where energy is produced by small units or production facilities for local use.