The Ministry of Climate and Environment, responding to a parliamentary question regarding the new billing system for energy generated by prosumers, determined the profitability of having home photovoltaics with the net-billing system.

In the new system, the surplus energy fed into the grid by the prosumer will be settled at the average price of energy from the wholesale market. It will cover prosumers who install photovoltaics after January 1, 2022, although they will be able to use the discount system during the transition period for the first six months.

According to Ireneusz Zyska, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, net-billing is a compromise solution that takes into account comments submitted in public consultations and in talks with the initiators of a separate parliamentary project in this regard. As he emphasizes, the new system is primarily aimed at enabling prosumers to lower their energy bills.

The calculations (taking into account the subsidy from the My Electricity program in the amount of PLN 3,000 and the thermo-modernization tax relief) provided by the deputy minister show that in the planned net-billing system, a prosumer would save about PLN 1,670 per year in the event of switching to the G12 tariff compared to the consumer with the same level of energy consumption (4.5 MWh per year). As the deputy head of the climate ministry pointed out, in fact, electricity bills may be even lower, but the analysis takes into account the average annual investment cost for a period of 15 years (approx. PLN 950).

The date of entry into force of the new regulations will depend on the further legislative process and may be postponed.

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