Thanks to the National Reconstruction Plan, our country was to receive EUR 36 billion from the European Union. However, the European Commission still does not want to transfer these funds to Poland due to the failure to comply with the CJEU ruling. For this reason, the subsidies planned for the energy sector cannot be paid, and this is almost 40% of the entire NRP budget.

The most money is to be spent on the replacement of approx. 860,000 heating devices in Poland under the Clean Air program. EUR 300 million has been planned to increase the efficiency of energy transmission and the stability of the power grid, which translates into investments in 379 km of transmission networks, which will be used to connect new RES capacities, including offshore wind farms.

437 million euro in the form of subsidies is to be allocated to ports. The money will be used to build an installation port in Gdynia, and Ustka and Łeba will receive funds for modernization, thanks to which they will service the farms at sea. Offshore wind energy will receive EUR 3.25 billion, which will result in the construction of 1.5 GW of capacity by the end of 2026.

In addition, NRP is to be one of the sources of financing for investments in hydrogen. EUR 800 million is to be allocated to subsidies for the private sector for the production, storage, transmission and use of hydrogen as fuel, which will result in electrolysers with a capacity of 320 MW and 25 refueling stations, including hydrogen bunkering.

Due to the fact that it is not known yet when the National Reconstruction Plan will start, the flexibility of the 10 H principle has also stopped. Its reform was entered into the NRP after comments from the European Commission, which means that from May 4 it is waiting for further proceedings.

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