50 organizations are protesting against the government’s proposals to amend the RES Act. As they emphasize, their objection concerns both the procedure and the scope of the changes in prosumers’ settlements proposed by the ministry. According to the industry, the consequence will be the collapse of the dynamically developing market for products and services, increasing the costs of the energy transformation and further undermining public confidence in the state’s policy in the field of civic energy.

The industry issued several demands. The main ones are:

  • not introducing abrupt changes that could deprive millions of households of access to attractive settlements and cheap energy from home photovoltaic installations;
  • adopting a transitional period while maintaining the current settlement system for prosumers until the end of 2023;
  • publishing the results of the consultations on the government project to change the prosumer system, in which the public submitted approx. 1,200 comments;
  • conducting reliable and transparent consultations with the participation of the government, local governments, society and representatives of the RES installation industry;
  • guaranteeing future prosumers acting individually and collectively a fixed, attractive rate for receiving their energy and purchasing according to dynamic tariffs, stimulating a conscious, higher level of self-consumption of energy from micro-renewable sources.

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