Last year, the capacity of new renewable energy sources increased significantly, which started production in the auction system. A much larger increase in new capacity in this settlement system should be the result of auctions decided in 2018-2019.

According to URE data, by the end of 2019, a total of 406 new installations with a total capacity of 358.9 MW were launched in the auction system. This is an increase compared to the previous year, 262 sources with 234.4MW capacity have arrived.

This year, we should observe a clear increase, especially in new photovoltaic capacities, to 1 MW – in November 2020, the two-year period to start selling energy confirmed by the obtained license will end. The Energy Regulatory Office estimates that as a result of the resolution of previous auctions, approx. 3.4 GW of new capacities in wind technology, approx. 1.7 GW in PV technology and less than 70 MW of new capacities in other RES technologies may be created.

The results of the 2019 auction confirm the pan-European trend showing that the price of energy produced in the most mature renewable energy technologies equals the price of conventional energy, as evidenced by the average price offered by large wind installations at auctions. The small share of additional support instruments confirms that renewable energy is becoming more and more competitive and should be an important component of the Polish energy mix – President of the Energy Regulatory Office Rafał Gawin