During the Wednesday session of the Sejm, the second reading of the draft amendment to the law on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities and certain other acts took place. The new regulations mainly regulate two issues – the way of settling waste by municipalities for 2020 and the release of incineration capacity. Due to the proposed amendments, the draft was returned to the parliamentary committee.

As the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Jacek Ozdoba, informed during the debate, a team was created in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to promote the use of waste, among others in cogeneration, i.e. simultaneous production of heat and energy. “Such a team has been established, it coordinates the parks in the use of this natural fuel, which is necessarily produced in households for cogeneration” – he said.

According to the draft amendment, municipalities for this year will account for recycling using the method referring to the four fractions of waste, thanks to which they will have the opportunity to demonstrate a higher level of their management. According to the law, municipalities must achieve 50% of recycling this year and preparation for reuse of municipal waste, calculated in relation to all municipal waste.

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