July 2 this year the senate passed a resolution establishing an extraordinary climate committee. The committee with over 40 senators is to deal with issues including climate neutrality, implementation of climate policy or the circular economy.

Pursuant to the resolution, the task of the Commission is to consider and develop matters related to: climate neutrality, biodiversity, circular economy, industrial climate strategy, intelligent and sustainable transport, adaptation to climate change, including flood and drought protection, strategy “from fields to the table “.

The Commission is to participate in shaping the following issues:

  • Climate policy and its implementation in Poland,
  • Energetic efficiency,
  • Development and support of renewable energy sources,
  • Socio-economic aspects of climate transformation,
  • Issues of climate education,
  • Financing in the scope of air protection and climate transformation,
  • Development of natural resources used for energy production,
  • Air protection.

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