During this year’s Areopagus of Renewable Energy, organized by the Association for the efficiency of prof. Krzysztof Żmijewski, many experts took the floor in the discussion on Poland’s energy policy.

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office, Rafał Gawin, presented an idea on how to take advantage of the rapid increases in energy prices for the development of distribution networks. According to him, in order to cope with the changes, the distribution sector needs investments, because the current market situation protects them well, giving a very good rate of return.

As the president of TGE Piotr Zawistowski added, from the point of view of the power exchange, the fluctuations in the markets, which, among others, occurred along with the pandemic, are a favorable circumstance. Along with the increase in prices, the number of active participants in the market increased. This is due to the fact that some noticed a chance to earn money, while others began to fear and accelerated contracting. According to the opinion of the president of TGE, “In general, all volatility of the stock exchange helps.”

Piotr Zawistowski also reminded that, with the participation of TGE, analyzes are underway to develop a cPPA-type exchange contract model for renewable sources. The president noted that the high volatility of prices showed the challenges we have to face from the point of view of securing transactions on the market.

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