On 14 April 2019, the European Commission (EC) issued a regulation establishing the network code concerning the requirements for connection of generation units to the grid. According to the regulation, the new rules will apply from 27 April 2019.

The power generation modules have been divided into four groups according to their power. Group A includes installations with a power output from 0. 8 kW to 200 kW. This group includes sources previously connected in two different modes – microinstallations up to 50 kW are connected in a simplified notification mode, while other sources in this group are connected on the basis of an agreement.

The remaining groups specified in the so-called network codes (RfG), which will come into force on 27 April, concern units of higher power. Group B is a source of 200 kW – 10 MW, Group C is a source of 10 MW – 75 MW and Group D is a source of more than 75 MW.

New information appears in the application documents and forms. The new network codes provide for the introduction of new certification rules for generating installations connected to the network.


Commission Regulation of the European Union 2016/631