Last year, the Ministry of Energy decided to withdraw from unfavourable changes for producers of renewable energy sources, which would change the rules of determining the substitution fee, the amount of which is determined by the prices at which green certificates are sold.

The Ministry met with a wave of criticism from the RES industry after the announcement of the introduction of a substitution fee into the law. In its draft amendment, the Ministry stressed that the regulation would come into force only after it had been approved by the European Commission.

The Ministry considered that it would not take into account the changes in the area of substitution charge in the installations concerned. At that time the prices of green certificates started to rise.

The average in session trading on 9 April was 132. 44 PLN/MWh (while in OTC trading it was much lower, amounting to 73. 67 PLN/MWh).

Last month, certificates were issued corresponding to the production of 1. 096 TWh of renewable energy, while certificates for 2. 707 TWh were redeemed. Excess supply fell to 27. 347 TWh at the end of March, with certificates blocked for redemption at 1. 241 TWh.