The Ministers of Climate and Environment and Agriculture and Rural Development signed an ordinance on the registration, balancing and sharing of measurement data and settlements of energy cooperatives. This is the next step in the development of energy cooperatives. The document was published on March 30, 2022 (Journal of Laws of 2022, item 703).

The ministers agree that energy cooperatives can be an important element in building energy security in the local and, consequently, national dimension. This is because they enable local communities to be involved in the energy transformation in a sustainable manner.

I hope that the jointly developed solutions will standardize the method of settling these entities between energy companies, and the developed settlement rules will be attractive and transparent for members of the cooperative and will dispel the existing doubts as to their implementation. Thanks to this, they will become an incentive for the creation of new entities in rural areas that are less electrified

– emphasizes the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa.

I am glad that as part of the good cooperation of both ministries, it was possible to work out a solution that brings measurable benefits for the inhabitants of rural areas from the use of renewable energy sources. After completing the technical notification, we have a regulation that defines clear and uniform rules for energy companies in settlements with energy cooperatives. I hope that it will make it easier for the inhabitants of rural areas to cooperate to reduce the costs of obtaining energy and improve living and business conditions.

– states the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Henryk Kowalczyk.

I am aware that the formation of energy cooperatives is a long-term process and requires, above all, the initiative and agreement of potential cooperative members, i.e. farmers, residents, entrepreneurs, and local government units. As was the case in other countries, the process of establishing energy cooperatives may take up to several years. Therefore, in order to accelerate this process in Poland, we provided expert support for the creation of the first, pilot energy cooperatives as part of the “Ronaldo” project, financed by EU funds. Practical experience in establishing and operating energy cooperatives will be the best example for other interested inhabitants of rural areas

– added Prime Minister Kowalczyk.

The regulation implements the statutory authorization contained in Art. 38 c of paragraph 1. 14 of the Act of February 20, 2015 on renewable energy sources (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 610, as amended), which requires the minister responsible for climate to define, in agreement with the minister responsible for development Detailed village:

the scope and method of recording measurement data and balancing the amount of energy;
the method of making settlements and the method of calculating fees, taking into account prices and rates in individual tariff groups applied to an energy cooperative and its individual members;
range of measurement data:
transferred between energy companies and the method of transferring this data,
made available by the seller of the energy cooperative and individual members of the cooperative and the method of making this data available in the ICT system;
the scope of the billing information;
the subjective scope of the energy cooperative.

The regulation has been in force since April 1, 2022.