Offshore wind energy support

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Ireneusz Zyska, deputy minister of the climate and government plenipotentiary for renewable energy, presented details of the changes in the offshore act, speaking at the Polish National Energy Summit 2020 in Gdańsk. Ireneusz Zyska pointed out that the letter of intent on the cooperation of four ministries with the wind industry is to inspire the formulation and signing of a sectoral agreement modeled on the British one. It is, however, to take into account Polish realities and the participation of foreign entities.

We want to create an agenda, Polish offshore sector deal, so that we can work with all entities that want the largest sector agreement. Intensive work was ongoing on the offshore law and during which we analyzed over 1000 comments with the participation of stakeholders such as the Polish Power Grids and the Energy Regulatory Office. We tried to consider all comments. Until yesterday, however, more were received. We decided that on July 6, after considering almost a hundred comments, the bill would be referred to inter-ministerial consultations, and then it would go to a government meeting and then to Parliament underlines the deputy minister of climate and government plenipotentiary for renewable energy Ireneusz Zyska.

The deputy minister added that negotiations were underway with the Directorate General of the European Commission for Energy (DG ENER). The most ambitious changes are the increase of installed capacity in the first period from 4.6 to 5.9 GW. They will benefit from public aid on the basis of an administrative decision and this support period has been extended by 25 years. The settlement mechanism was introduced from year to year.

The EC is favorable to this project and I hope it will be welcomed. It is in the interest of Poland and the Union to change the energy mix based on coal. We have a chance to build 60-70 thousand new jobs –the deputy minister of climate and the government plenipotentiary for renewable energy, Ireneusz Zyska, points out.