Operation Thermostat! – this is how the Italian media describes the new regulations introduced by the Italian government. They provide for up to 3 thousand. Euro penalties for cooling buildings too much in summer and heating them too much in winter.

Reducing the use of air conditioning is an idea of ​​the Italian government to reduce dependence on Russian gas. According to regulations introduced last week, air conditioning cannot be set to below 27 degrees Celsius in public buildings, including schools and ministries, and in winter heaters cannot heat buildings above 19 degrees (with 2 degrees of freedom).

For non-compliance, you can get a fine of 0.5 thousand. up to 3,000 euro.

The validity period of the new law is set from May 1, 2022 to April 2023.

Reducing energy consumption through limited cooling of buildings in the summer is intended to be a way of rising energy prices and uncertainty about gas supplies. Italy 40 percent they import this raw material from Russia, so they are afraid of possible actions by the Kremlin and are preparing a response to a possible embargo on the import of Russian gas to the European Union.

According to the calculations of the Italian government, limiting the use of air conditioning will save 4 billion m3 of gas this year. Prime Minister Mario Draghi claims that even if gas supplies from Russia are suspended, Italy’s demand for this raw material will be covered by October this year.