In response to a parliamentary question regarding a special purpose fund for the modernization of the energy sector, financed by the sale of some carbon dioxide emission allowances, the Ministry of Energy declared that assuming the average price of allowances in 2021-2030 at the level of EUR 25 / EUA and the average EUR / PLN exchange rate = 4 , 3, the size of the fund may amount to approximately PLN 33 billion.

According to the document adopted by the Council of Ministers on July 30, 2019System EU ETS po 2020 r. – rekomendacje”, it was decided to allocate the entire pool of allowances available to Poland in the 4th settlement period for auctioning. Income from the sale of 275 million emission allowances will be allocated to the national target fund for the modernization of the energy sector – which is at the disposal of the Minister of Energy. This fund will be additionally funded with the sale of 30 million emission allowances not used under art. 10c of Directive 2003/87 / EC in the third EU ETS settlement period (2013-2020).

Determining the final directions of support should take into account the need to ensure continuous and stable absorption of funds from the Modernization Fund during the entire period of its operation. In 2023, a review of the functioning of the mechanisms and the absorption of funds should be carried out, in particular in terms of possible changes to the programs financed. The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management is to be responsible for handling projects financed from the Modernization Fund.

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