Deputy Minister of Energy Tadeusz Skobel informed that the draft of the State Energy Policy (PEP) is currently being discussed in detail and corrected. About 1800 comments were made to the project itself, which are subject to analysis and evaluation. The PEP is expected to be presented to the Council of Ministers in July this year.

The project assumes, among other things, that in 2030 60% of energy generated in Poland will continue to come from coal, while maintaining the annual consumption of this raw material at the current level. By 2040, the share of coal in electricity generation is expected to fall below 30%.

Renewable sources, especially photovoltaics and offshore, would play an increasingly important role in the mix. In 2033, the first unit of a nuclear power plant with a capacity of about 1-1. 5 GW would be built. In the years 2033-2039, four such units with a total capacity of approx. 4-6 GW would be built, two more in 2041 and 2043. Total investment expenditures in the manufacturing sector in the years 2021-2040 were assumed at approx. 400 billion PLN.