The current share of renewable energy in final consumption and renewable energy auctions allow us to say that we will realize the EU 15% RES target for 2020 – assessed on Wednesday, January 8 this year. in the Sejm deputy minister of state assets Tomasz Dąbrowski.

During the debate accompanying the first reading of the draft budget act for 2020, the deputy minister reminded that data on the share of renewable energy will be calculated for the entire 2020 and will be presented in 2021.

A representative of the Ministry of State Assets informed that the latest data shows that the increase in the share of renewable energy in recent years has been growing. In 2017 it was 14.6 percent; in 2018 – 14.8 percent – he exchanged. “We are consistently approaching this value of 15 percent.”

Dąbrowski emphasized that auctions for the sale of energy from renewable energy conducted in 2018 allowed for contracting 1,700 MW of installed capacity in renewable energy sources (1,100 MW in wind, 550 MW photovoltaics, the remainder in hydropower, biogas and biomass).

In 2019, the auctions have already contracted 3,100 MW of RES capacity (over 2,200 MW in wind, 750 MW in solar farm, the remainder being water, biogas and biomass).

Dąbrowski estimated that the “Mój Prąd” photovoltaic micro installation installation support program launched in 2019 will help build another 1,000 MW of capacity.

“At present, we can safely talk about achieving the 2020 target. There is no basis for potential financial penalties,” said Dąbrowski.

Source: PAP

Rafał Gawin, President of the Energy Regulatory Office, disagreed with the above in document submitted under giving opinions on the draft regulation of the Council of Ministers regarding the maximum amount and value of electricity from renewable energy sources that may be auctioned in 2020.

– This state of affairs results from the rights guaranteed by auction winners to the legal solutions contained in the Act of 20 February 2015 on renewable energy, regarding the time consumption of investment processes related to the construction of new installations of renewable energy sources. It should be pointed out that, in accordance with the provisions of the above Acts, the shortest statutory period in which the so-called the new installation that won the auction should start selling generated electricity in the auction system, it is 24 months from the date of closing the auction session and applies to installations using only solar energy for electricity generation – writes Rafał Gawin, President of the Energy Regulatory Office.