According to the Gram w zielone portal, at the beginning of September another call for applications for grants for, among others, home installations of renewable energy sources will be launched in the capital city.

Under the largest municipal grant program in the country, Warsaw subsidizes residents wishing to invest in renewable energy sources, including heat pumps, solar collectors and micro photovoltaic installations.

Currently, the rules of granting subsidies are regulated by the resolution of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw of 28 March 2019 on the rules of granting targeted subsidies to finance or co-finance investments in the capital city of Warsaw, serving the protection of the environment and water management.

In the case of RES, grants may not be awarded to cover costs:

1) develop technical documentation, perform author’s and investor’s supervision, replace the electrical system and the internal central heating, ventilation and hot water system, install portable heating devices;

2) purchase and installation of heat pumps and solar collectors in buildings supplied with heat from the district heating network.

Calls for grant applications are held on a regular basis. The next one is scheduled to start on Monday, September 2nd.