On the ERO website, the data regarding the amount of electricity generated from RES in 2005-2019 confirmed by issued certificates of origin and the installed capacity of renewable energy installations were updated.

Installed capacity of renewable energy sources in Poland as at June 30 this year amounted to 8 819.9 MW compared to 8 593.43 MW at the end of 2018. This means an increase of 226.467 MW (2.6% y / y).

The largest increase in new capacity was recorded in solar installations, where 113 MW of new capacity was added (mid-2019: 259.26 MW, end of 2018: 147 MW).

In the case of wind power installed capacity, according to current data, the system has reached almost 17 MW and currently has 5 881.16 MW compared to 5 864.44 MW at the end of last year.

A relatively large increase in capacity of 105 MW was recorded in the biomass sector – 1 467.96 MW in mid-2019 against 1 362.87 MW at the end of 2018

The installed capacity in biogas installations was 239 MW at the end of the first half. year. against 237.62 MW in 2018, in hydro-energy installations – 972.51 MW against 981.5 MW.

The total amount of electricity generated from renewable sources confirmed by certificates of origin amounted to 6.81 TWh in the first half. 2019 against 19.35 TWh in the whole of 2018.

RES installed capacity

Production of energy covered by the issue of certificates of origin