Towarowa Giełda Energii presented its activity report in March 2022. – record-breaking volume of sales of materials for electricity generated from sources recorded. It amounted to 4,946,768 MWh, the exchange announced.



The trading volume of March on TGE in sales in 2022 was 13 8,905 MWh, which means a decrease by 24.6 percent compared to March 20. The weighted average volume of trading on the DAM was in March 2022 at the level of PLN 683.59 / MWh and is intended to increase by PLN 157.70 / MWh for execution. On RTPE, the weighted average annual contract contract with the delivery of a service in 2023 (BASE_Y-23) enterprise in March 2022 PLN 714.64 / MWh, which is an increase by PLN 96.34 / MWH used prices of this contract in 2022 – you can find in the service.


Property rights

The volume of trading in property rights for sources of electricity from sources of change is 2,519,770 MW, which is a decrease by 17.2 percent year on year. – Weighted average selling price on the PRM exchange for the instrument PMOZE_A 228.22 PLN / MWh, which means 28.68 PLN / MWh in February 2022. The transaction volume for this instrument is 900 796 MWh for the best result since September 2020, according to TGE.


Guarantees of Origin

Source information of the source of electricity generated from RES 4,946,768 MWh, which is an increase by 2.7 percent year on year. This is the best monthly since the inception of the Warranty Registration. Weighted average price of Solidary PLN 2.90 / MWh, which means the ratio compared to February 2022 by PLN 0.29 / MWh.