At the European Economic Congress, during the panel devoted to photovoltaics held on Friday, Katarzyna Szwed-Lipińska, director of the Renewable Energy Department at the Energy Regulatory Office, announced that the ERO was preparing to conduct this year’s auctions for renewable energy sources. They will be announced when the Ministry of Climate approves the documents submitted by the ERO.
The Ministry of Climate forecasts that in this year’s wind and photovoltaic auctions for projects with a capacity of over 1 MW, energy will be purchased from wind farms with a capacity of up to 800 MW and from photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of 700 MW.
In addition, according to the Ministry of Climate, in the basket for wind and PV up to 1 MW, all support is to be collected by photovoltaics. It is predicted that the sales guarantees will cover energy from PV power plants with a total maximum capacity of 800 MW.

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