Senate draft amendment to the 10h Act addressed to the Sejm

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As we informed earlier, the Senate started work on the draft act amending the act on investments in wind farms and some other acts (print no. 755), according to which, in the case of the consent of the commune council, investments consisting in the construction of wind farms are carried out regardless of the existence or provisions of the local spatial development plan or the study of the conditions and directions of the spatial development of the commune.

The draft in its original wording (print no. 755) also provided for the introduction of a fee to the local community in the amount of 5% of the value of energy generated from each wind farm in a given month, constituting the revenue of the commune in which the wind turbine is located. The fee would be spent on combating energy poverty, building social infrastructure, in particular located in the immediate vicinity of the wind farm.

Importantly, in the course of work on this draft and after the meeting of Senate committees, a modification was introduced to the draft, which lowered the above-mentioned value ratio to 3%. Moreover, a reservation was introduced, according to which the amount of the fee for a given year may not exceed PLN 80,000 per 1 MW of installed wind farm capacity.

On July 21, 2022, the Senate adopted a resolution on submitting the draft in question to the Sejm.

The draft in the version addressed to the Sejm (print no. 755s)

Senate amendments (print no. 755x)