On Thursday, the Sejm’s infrastructure commission recommended rejecting the deputy’s bill entirely easing the provisions of the Act prohibiting the construction of windmills near buildings by extending the period of obtaining building conditions.

Director of the renewable and dispersed energy department at the Ministry of Assets Piotr Czopek said that there is no official government position on this project yet, but MAP is looking at this project “unfavorably”, despite the fact that he notices the problem of locating housing in areas around existing wind farms. The project, however, boils down to removing further cases from the regime, which may lead to social protests – the director argued.
Wind farms commissioned before the entry into force of the above the acts were built on the basis of local spatial development plans published in the Provincial Official Journals. In smaller rural and urban-rural communes with large wind farms, new residential buildings cannot be erected in areas covering even a dozen or so percent of the commune’s territory

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