On July 19, 2019, during the plennary session Sejm has adopted Act amending the act on biocomponents and liquid biofuels and some other acts (sejm print no. 3626).

The project provides, inter alia enabling the use of co-hydrogenation products for the implementation of the National Index Target (“NCW”) from 2020 and enabling the inclusion in NCW of biohydrogen contained in liquid fuels in the production of which biomethane was used.

It also contains proposals for amendments to the Act of January 11, 2019 on electromobility and alternative fuels (Journal of Laws of 2018, items 317, 1356 and 2348), including in the scope of changing the dates of validity of an appropriate share of electric vehicles or vehicles powered by natural gas, the date of expiration of contracts for the performance of public tasks, and the redrafting of provisions regarding the labeling of alternative fuels.