On Thursday, February 13, the Sejm rejected the Senate’s resolution on the rejection in its entirety of the act on government administration departments and some other acts.
232 deputies voted in favor of rejecting the Senate resolution, 210 were against and 10 abstained. Now the bill will be signed by the president.
The amendment, which the bill brought to the Sejm, a group of PiS deputies envisages that the minister of state assets is to have the power to initiate state policy regarding the use of state property. “The concentration of competences in the field of managing state property, exercising property and personal rights vested in the State Treasury, as well as protecting the interests of the Treasury will allow to increase the coherence of actions taken in these areas” – it was written in the justification. The Act gives the minister of state assets the power to initiate state policy in the field using state property, he will also have the opportunity to object to the decision to liquidate the state-owned enterprise.

Whereas the climate section is separated from the environment section in response – as the justification states – to the growing importance of climate problems in international, EU and national policy. The issues of climate and sustainable development include, among others: implementation of the EU climate policy, protection and shaping of the environment as well as rational use of its resources, control of compliance with environmental protection requirements and research into the state of the environment, management system for emissions of greenhouse gases and other substances, and emission trading greenhouse gases, waste management as well as energy efficiency and the development and use of renewable energy sources.