On Wednesday, the Sejm passed an amendment to the so-called special transmission acts. It assumes, inter alia, extending the list of investments covered by special regulations. The amendment is to reduce the time needed to obtain all administrative decisions for the infrastructure covered by the regulations to 6 months. The bill will now go to the Senate.

The amendment contains a list of subsequent investments in the electricity transmission system that will be covered by the provisions of the special act, including submarine cable to Lithuania, 12 lines of 400 kV, eight – 220 kV, as well as the provision that the special act will cover modernization, reconstruction, etc. of lines with a voltage of 220 kV or higher.

In addition, the list of investments covered by the special act on gas pipelines was increased by 19 investments in the gas distribution network. A pipeline for LPG transmission has also been added. Port in Gdynia-Dębogóra-Kosakowo.

One of the goals of the modification of the special act is to adapt the grid to the transmission of electricity from offshore wind farms.

The provisions are to eliminate a number of interpretative doubts that have arisen so far, incl. in the act on sharing information about the environment. The amendment to the act on spatial planning and development is, in turn, to guarantee the participation of transmission system operators in the planning process. It is also supposed to eliminate collisions between the infrastructure used for the transmission of electricity and gaseous fuels with other building structures.

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