The climate ministry is working on climate policy and changes in the energy policy of Poland – said deputy minister of climate, government plenipotentiary for renewable energy sources Ireneusz Zyska.

“As part of the activities of the Ministry of Climate, we are currently preparing, works on a new climate policy are being finalized, including some change in the vectors of Poland’s energy policy. These works will soon be presented in the general assumptions for 100 days of the government” Statement by Ireneusz Zyski during a parliamentary meeting Team for Ensuring Poland’s Energy Security.

The Ministry of Climate as its goal assumes care for the improvement of the environment, quality of life of the inhabitants of our country, but also for the level of security related to the supply of electricity and heat.

Another issue is the updated and expanded draft Energy Policy of Poland 2040, presented in November, assumes the share of renewable energy sources at 21-23% in the final gross electricity consumption in 2030.