Directive 2016/2284 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 December 2016 on the reduction of national emissions of certain atmospheric pollutants, amending Directive 2003/35/EC and repealing Directive 2001/81/EC aims to assist Member States in achieving improvements in air quality that mitigate negative impacts on and risks to human health and the environment.

Under Article 6 of the NEC Directive, Member States were required to draw up a National Air Pollution Reduction Programme (NAPP) to coordinate and manage activities and measures relating to the reduction of air pollution, in relation to the policy priorities and consistency with plans and programmes established in other relevant areas.

The NIP includes national air quality and air pollution policy frameworks and policy priorities and their references to priorities set in other areas, including climate change policy and economic sectors such as energy, agriculture, industry and transport. As indicated in the NEC Directive, the objectives of national emission reduction commitments should be achieved by reducing air pollution at source, which will result in an effective and sustainable reduction of air pollution. This approach will eliminate inefficiencies and inefficiencies and facilitate the planning of medium- and long-term air protection policies.

National programme for the reduction of air pollution