You can now apply for the government subsidy program for the purchase and installation of a heat pump. Owners of new single-family houses will benefit from co-financing for the purchase of ground, air and water heat pumps.

Recruitment for the long-awaited Moje Ciepło program began a week ago, but its official announcement is scheduled for today.

The Moje Ciepło program is a response to the current needs of individual investors (natural persons) who are trying to think in the future both in terms of ecology and economy.

The project’s budget is PLN 600 million. Recruitment is conducted in electronic form, and the instructions for submitting the application and submitting the correction of the application are available at The call for applications will last until December 31, 2022 or until the dedicated pool of funds is exhausted.

The program is aimed at owners of new buildings who have invested in a heat pump – air or ground – working for the needs of central heating or central heating and domestic hot water preparation.

Co-financing from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management is to be granted in the form of non-returnable subsidies representing 30 to 45 percent. eligible investment costs. A privileged group will be the holders of the Large Family Card, who can count on 45 percent. subsidies for the purchase and installation of the pump.

For one investment you will be able to receive from 7 to 21 thousand. zloty. For support in the amount of 21 thousand PLN can be counted on by homeowners submitting an application for a subsidy for a ground heat pump. The purchase of air / water or air / air heat pumps will be co-financed with a maximum amount of PLN 7,000. zloty.